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Date: Tuesday, 13. November 2018
Venue: Bratislava, Hotel Bratislava

Organizer: SARIO

Language: English

The Slovak Matchmaking Fair is the largest international business–to– business (B2B) event organized by the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) in Slovakia.

This event focuses on bilateral talks of the individual companies as well as the presentation of subcontracting partnership offers, tenders, available production capacities, joint ventures creation demands with foreign partners and search for cooperation partners.

This year's event is included in the official program of Slovakia´s  Presidency of Visegrad 4 Group (SK V4 PRES) and will focus on themes of automation, robotics, electromobility and innovation.

Why participate? 

  • Individual pre-planned schedule of B2B meetings with the history of 11 years of satisfied participants.

  • The chance to find new business opportunities and partners from Slovakia and abroad in one day and in one place.

  • Bilateral business negotiations based on pre-planned schedule participants receive beforehand.

  • New contacts, business and investment opportunities

  • Being part of SK V4 PRES official program, we expect large number of companies from V4 territories

  • Direct feedback on your requests and questions, individual consultations

  • Partnership opportunities offer high added value

  • Attractive accompanying program 


Preliminary agenda of the event:

  •  Business-to-business meetingsaccording to pre-planned Schedule

  •  Expert panel discussion on current topics of automatization, robotics, electro mobility and innovations

       Panel 1 (Industry)
       "How to keep the impact of the region after the boom ends"
          • V4 region - technology-intensive industries and megatrends
          • Competitiveness of the V4 industry in relation to innovation, robotics, automation and other modern technologies
       Panel 2 (Mobility)
       "What are Technologies changing in Business - Transport and Production"
           • The Smart City concept creates a market for the transport industry, changing products and services
           • Electromobility in the mobility of companies and industry

  •  “SARIO – Partner in Regions” consultations and expertise of SARIO representatives for small and medium sized companies, Slovakia´s regions and investment aid

  • Consultationswith partners of the event

  • Presentationof interesting projects and prototypes of Slovak innovative companies: 

       3Dimension will introduce the Quadron3D® 3D product range, the largest of which is the unique 3D printer Quadron3D® 1001.
       It has a volume of 1m³ and is one of the world's largest 3D  printers and one of the easiest. Unique world projects are emerging
       on these printers.

  • Networking throughout the day

  • Gala dinner

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