Mr. Yossi Pickel, Chairman

 Mr. David Hercky, Honorary President

 Mr.  Zvi Kaholi, CEO

 Mr. David Sivor, Board Member

 Mr. Yishay Barnea, Board Member

​ Dr. Eyal bressler,  Board Member

​​ Mr. Eliezer Manor, Board Member

 Mr. Chanoch Derzavich, Board Member

​ Mr. Avi Berkovitz, Audit Committee

 Mr. Moshe Friedman, Audit Committee


 Mr. Oded Kishoni , Legal Advisor

 Mr. Uzi Katan CPA

Zvi Kaholi

CEO of Israel Slovakia Chamber of Commerce
Has vast experience in various Management, Production, Engineering and Product Development roles in aviation. Following a successful engineering career at IAF he joined IAI where he developed his career for many years. His last position was at Bedek Aviation Group as Director of Narrow Body Aircraft P2F Conversion. Has experience in operations, engineering, production, budgeting, planning and logistics. He managed complex aviation projects in Israel and was in charge of out base sites operation overseas. 
Holds B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Joe Pickel

Chairman, Israel – Slovakia Chamber of Commerce.
Started EMC in Israel and managed East Mediterranean and Africa subsidiaries.
LP in VC Moneta Seeds and Director and Consultant  in several Startup companies.
Member of Investment Committee in !00+ Investment Club.
Honorary Consul of Slovakia.

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