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Shalom and Welcome

The Israel - Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded on 1994 following the separation of Czechosolvakia into 2 independent states: the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. The idea of having a chamber of commerce was supported by both Slovak and Israel embassies.

The ISCCI is a non profit organization registerd with the Israel Ministry of Justice with its goal to develop business ventures and increasing the trade and commercial operations between the two states​.


The organization is voluntarily based and its people are involved due to their business and personal relation to the Slovak Republic. All of which are dedicated to chamber's mutual goal.

​The ISCCI communicate daily with all the departments of the Slovak embassy in Tel Aviv and the Israel embassy in Bratislava notably the commercial sections. The chamber assists the Slovak embassy in organization of foreign delegations whether business or diplomatic nature. moreover the chamber enjoys close cooperation of state bodies such as ministries, commercial desks, the export institute of international cooperation, the Israel manufacturer's association, the chambers of commerce and the federation of the bi national chambers of commerce in Israel.


As the ISCCI is not a governmental organization and therefore not supported financially, its resources are at the form of membership, business services fees and sponsorships for events.

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